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Khlebnikov, Velimir. Tvorenija

Khlebnikov, Velimir. Tvorenija [Creations]. Textual composition and commentary by V.P. Grigoriev and A.E. Parnis. Ed. Mikhail Poljakov et al. Moscow, Sovetskij pisatel,
1986. 736 p. Russian.
Includes the main Khlebnikov’s oeuvres (verses, epic poems, prose, supersagas, dramatic works, articles).

Ten Russian Poets

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Ten Russian Poets

Ten Russian Poets. Surviving the Twentieth Century. Edited by Richard McKane. 2003. 256 p. ISBN 0856463280. English.
Includes the poems by Velimir Khlebnikov, Osip Mandelshtam, Mikhail Kuzmin et al.