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Starkina, Sofja. Velimir Khlebnikov

Starkina, Sofja. Velimir Khlebnikov, King of Time. Biography. 480 p., 296 ill. + Color inset XLVIII p. St. Petersburg, 2005. Russian. ISBN 5-93898-073-9.

It is the attempt to make detailed biography of the great Russian poet, who’s creation effects on the Russian and world culture of the XX-th century. The life of Velimir Khlebnikov was short (1885 — 1922), but full of keen events. He was surrounded with legends beyond which stays facts sometimes even more fantastic than legends itself. There are detailed documentary chronics of poet’s life and analysis of his most important works, numerous memories and opinions of his contemporaries in the biography. Also there are letters and diaries in the book. There are more then 300 illustrations in the book, some of printed for the first time.

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