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  • Editions of works of V. Khlebnikov

    • Price: $50

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      Khlebnikov, Velimir. Tvorenija

      Khlebnikov, Velimir. Tvorenija [Creations]. Textual composition and commentary by V.P. Grigoriev and A.E. Parnis. Ed. Mikhail Poljakov et al. Moscow, Sovetskij pisatel,
      1986. 736 p. Russian.
      Includes the main Khlebnikov’s oeuvres (verses, epic poems, prose, supersagas, dramatic works, articles).

    • Ten Russian Poets

      Price: $45

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      Ten Russian Poets

      Ten Russian Poets. Surviving the Twentieth Century. Edited by Richard McKane. 2003. 256 p. ISBN 0856463280. English.
      Includes the poems by Velimir Khlebnikov, Osip Mandelshtam, Mikhail Kuzmin et al.

  • Literature about V. Klebnikov

    • Price: $90

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      Starkina, Sofja. Velimir Khlebnikov

      Starkina, Sofja. Velimir Khlebnikov, King of Time. Biography. 480 p., 296 ill. + Color inset XLVIII p. St. Petersburg, 2005. Russian. ISBN 5-93898-073-9.

      It is the attempt to make detailed biography of the great Russian poet, who’s creation effects on the Russian and world culture of the XX-th century. The life of Velimir Khlebnikov was short (1885 — 1922), but full of keen events. He was surrounded with legends beyond which stays facts sometimes even more fantastic than legends itself. There are detailed documentary chronics of poet’s life and analysis of his most important works, numerous memories and opinions of his contemporaries in the biography. Also there are letters and diaries in the book. There are more then 300 illustrations in the book, some of printed for the first time.

  • Russian Avant-garde
  • Arts

    • Kazimir Malevich

      Price: $100

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      Kazimir Malevich in the Russian Museum

      Kazimir Malevich in the Russian Museum. 450 pages with 380 color and 113 black-and-white illustrations. Format: 31.5 × 24.5 cm. St. Petersburg, 2000. English.

      This is the first ever publication of the entire collection of works by Kazimir Malevich at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg). The book contains articles on the artist’s oeuvre, color plates of all his works, and reverse sides of his canvases, including many X-radiographs. The appendix section archive documents covering Malevich’s correspondence and the memoirs of the artist’s contemporaries.

    • Natalia Goncharova

      Price: $100

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      Natalia Goncharova

      Natalia Goncharova: The Russian Years. 342 pages with 219 color and 179 black-and-white illustrations. Format: 24.5 × 30.5 cm. St. Petersburg, 2002. English.

      This publication is the most comprehensive catalog of the works of Natalia Goncharova’s Russian period, including information on works not on show at the exhibition. The album reproduces four-hundred works from various museums, galleries and private collections, brought together for the first time. Each section is accompanied by articles. The appendix includes a list of Natalia Goncharova’s works and their whereabouts compiled by Ilya Zdanevich (1913) and an archive section of texts on Goncharova and her contemporaries, unpublished newspaper articles, reviews of her one-woman shows (1913-14), photographs and a chronicle of the artist’s life and work.

    • Collage in Russia

      Price: $100

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      Collage in Russia: XX Century

      Collage in Russia: XX Century. Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2005. 392 pages; 620 colored illustrations. Format: 24.5 × 33.5 cm. English.
      The publication includes articles by St Petersburg and Moscow experts describing peculiarities of development of collage in Russia and its history in the 20th century. The structure of the book corresponds to the exhibition plan and contains the following sections: texture, applications, decoupage, assemblage, “rag paintings”, photomontage, reproduction collage, objects and computer collage. The main peculiarity of the publication is a detailed description of a technique of each work, i.e. this is an attempt to show the “formula of author’s world-building”. The book reproduces major part of works presented at the exhibition. Many works are published for the first time. The catalog is supplemented with biographies of artists.

  • CD, Video production

    • The Russian Avant-Garde Book

      Price: $20

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      For the Voice! The Russian Avant-Garde Book

      For the Voice! The Russian Avant-Garde Book. 1910 – 1934. The Artist’s Book. 1970 – 2005. CD. M.K. Publishers, St. Petersburg, 2005.
      CD includes: catalogs of the Futurist books (1910 – 1918), The New Era books (1918 – 1923), Constructivists books (1924 – 1934), Artist’s books (1970 – 2005); biographies of the artists; selected bibliography; index of the art groups, associations and publishing houses; articles by J. Bowlt, M. Karasik, S. Starkina, G. Yershov.