June 2009

New book “Laboratory of The Logos: The Language Experiment in Avant-Garde Creativity” by Vladimir Feshchenko.

This monograph deals with issues of language creativity in the poetry and prose of the Russian and Anglo-American avant-garde, as well as with how these issues relate to the concurrent scholarly experience in theoretical poetics and linguistics of the early XXth century.

The study’s theoretical basis allows to throw a bridge from the historical outline of the topic, which is the so-called era of the ‘historical avant-garde’, or ‘postsymbolism’, to the ‘extrahistorical’ foundations, whereby the avant-garde creativity is regarded as a specific model of language creativity and semiotic behaviour.

Without leaving aside the integrity and diversity of the avant-garde worldviews, the author suggests to narrow down the focus of attention to the linguistic-semiotic and linguistic-philosophical perspective on the nature of the avant-garde modus vivendi, modus operandi and modus loquendi. The concept of ‘the language experiment’ is introduced and developed as a basic notion through which the topic is elaborated. For this purpose, the avant-garde creativity is viewed from the perspective of its experimental linguistic constituent.

The book is intended not only for theoretical linguists, semioticians and scholars in literature studies, but also for a broad community of concerned readers, for whom the issues of language creativity and innovation in thinking, writing and arts are not idle and extraneous.



V. Feshchenko. Laboratory of The Logos: The Language Experiment in Avant-Garde Creativity. - Moscow, 2009.

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