Velimir Khlebnikov and Russian Avant-garde

Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922) is one of the great Russian poets of the XXth century, one of the most brilliant avantgarde writers. He belonged to the so-called Futurist group. His works were translated nearly into all European languages and also into Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and some others. There are about two thousand books and articles on Khlebnikov in different languages.

The website The World of Velimir Khlebnikov accumulates all of the materials connected with this famous futurist and Russian avantgarde poet. You can read his poems, prose, supersagas, dramas, futurist manifests, his letters and philosophical works. Then you can see his photos and portraits and those of his contemporaries (poets and artists of the Russian avant-garde of the XXth century) and Khlebnikov’s drawings. There are fragments of the films which deal with the poet on our website. You can also listen to Khlebnikov’s verses set to music and recitation of his creations.

You can learn Khlebnikov’s biography, take a virtual tour of places connected with the poet and read the articles of the specialists on his works. The bibliography of Khlebnikov’s works and works on him is also on our website.

Here you can find the information about the Museum of Velimir Khlebnikov, Petersburg Avant-garde Museum (“The House of Matiushin”) and about the archives where Khlebnikov’s manuscripts are kept.

The website informs about all of the events connected with Khlebnikov: conferences, exhibitions in Russia and abroad, new books, etc.

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