Petersburg Avant-garde Museum ("The House of Matiushin")

Petersburg Avant-garde Museum (“The House of Matiushin”) is now an affiliate of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg.

House of Matiushin

The house No. 10, Pesochnaja Street (now – Professora Popova Street), St. Petersburg, was home to Mikhail Matiushin (1861 – 1934), an artist, sculptor, musician and writer, one of the most dedicated and driven supporters of avant-garde art. Matiushin and his wife Elena Guro (1877 – 1913), who was also artist and poet, moved into a three bedroom apartment (Apt. № 12) on the 2nd floor of the house in October 1912. Some years earlier they met the yet obscure but adamant proponents of a new art movement that came to be known as Futurism: Velimir Khlebnikov, Vasily Kamensky, brothers David, Vladimir and Nikolai Burliuk, Alexei Kruchenykh, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Kazimir Malevich, Pavel Filonov. From then on, Matiushin and Guro would become eager participants, hosts and inspiration of numerous Futurist art shows, debates, lectures and publications – all those events that filled the turbulent early days of the 20th century Russian avant-garde movement.

When Matiushin and Guro moved into the wooden house on Pesochnaja Street, standing amid an old, verdant park, Their apartment soon became the nucleus of the avant-garde movement in St. Petersburg, the eye of a storm of new sensibilities, new vision, and new understanding of what art was all about. It was here that the editorial board of Zhuravl held its meetings, Khlebnikov and others held poetry and prose readings, Matiushin invented his “quarter tone” music, and it was here that the Futurist plays Victory over the Sun and Vladimir Mayakovsky were conceived. Paradoxically, this small, cozy, even patriarchal house was like a magnet for avant-garde poets and artists and all rebels against the contentment and complacency of bourgeois Russia.

In June 1977, this house was placed into the custody of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. In April 2004, the research council at the Museum approved the idea to turn the Matiushin’s House into the Petersburg Avant-garde Museum. In October 2006 this museum was opened.

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Address: 197046, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 10, Professora Popova Street.
Working hours: Open: Monday and Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm; Tuesdays 11am – 5pm. Closed Wednesday

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